Over the years, the relationships we have built through Recordbuck Ranch in Utopia, TX, have been of the utmost success to Swollfest Fishing Rodeo.  Starting as a small idea to bring disabled Armed Service veterans and children suffering from debilitating issues such as cancer, muscular dystrophy, and spinal cord injuries to hunt at Recordbuck Ranch has turned into a major component of Swollfest’s philanthropy.


Each year, our Inspirational Award winner is given a dream hunt of a lifetime at the beautiful 20,000 acre Recordbuck Ranch, located 70 miles from San Antonio.  They have exceptional guides, unbelievable food, healthy herds of over 50 exotic species, and beautiful 5-star lodging.

Through Swollfest’s Outdoor Wish Foundation, we have taken many recipients to Recordbuck to fulfill their dream hunts including elk, whitetail deer, and exotics.  Included in the weekend are many of the sponsors of Swollfest who generously donate their time and money to allow these trips to be life changing events.  Every year our taxidermist, Wade Wolkart with Wade’s Taxidermy, makes the trip and tremendously helps preserving their trophies.


After these amazing hunts each year, Wade donates his taxidermy services and mounts the trophy for our recipient at no cost.  Wade’s Taxidermy has been a tremendous asset, as has Recordbuck Ranch to the success of our Outdoor Wish Foundation.

Another huge asset is Chris Serio, owner of Streetcar Films out of New Orleans who comes along to video the amazing journey of the Inspirational Award recipient.

He has made some beautiful films over the years that document the journey of each recipient and gives a deep perspective to each individual.

Here are links to some of Chris Serio’s recent productions:

2015 Outdoor Wish Video


2014 Outdoor Wish Video 


Next summer, Swollfest Fishing Rodeo will celebrate its 20th annual event.  Make plans to be in Grand Isle, LA for the long weekend of June 7-10, 2017 at the Sand Dollar Marina.

Town of Grand Isle


Hope to see everyone there!

Dr Nick Rauber – Swollfest Founder/Director